This Business Blog is For You

Hey there!

Let me start by saying that I am truly honored and grateful that you have chosen to take my nuggets of knowledge along with you on your incredible journey of entrepreneurship.

This blog is dedicated to you.

To you… The constant overachiever, the one who doesn’t settle for less than your best, the one who always felt a little different from the rest.

You know who you are.

My goal with this blog is to give you an invaluable website resource to help you build a business system armed for success that can truly support you in the lifestyle you choose to live.

But before you read on, let me tell you a little bit about me.

I was born to Colombian parents and arrived in the USA with them at the ripe old age of two! From the beginning of my life, I saw how my parents chased the American Dream while working 80+ hours per week on their Hungry Howie’s franchise knowing barely an inkling of English. I was just a little boy, but I always watched very closely.

This blog is also dedicated to them, who showed me that with enough guts, determination, and a sprinkling of faith, any challenge in life can truly be overcome and success can be achieved.

Fast forward to 1998, and the beginning of our family’s truly successful business venture began. CDS Contractors Inc. which at the time of this writing in 2020, achieved the position of ranking amongst the top 100 Remodeling Contractors in the United States.

I was always an active part of the business. Participating in the construction itself, learning the trades, managing the crews, I always felt that business ran in my blood. I attended the University of Central Florida’s Burnett Honors College to study business management with a full-ride scholarship. As I was learning, I was applying. I had the incredible opportunity to apply concepts and methods of effective business that I learned in college and through self-education business books to my own relatively large business. I watched as I, my team members, and our clients flourished through what I learned.

In the same way I have worked on my family business’s growth, I want to help you grow your own business to manifest your vision for your life.

This blog was started in the midst of the worst pandemic any Americans have experienced in their lives, where over 100,000 small businesses had already failed by the time of this writing. The American Dream is still alive, and it is going to get well again. So through this blog, I aim to empower the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs and leaders who will build or rebuild their businesses efficiently and on sound foundations of social awareness and activism. Because we are all members of this beautiful Earth, and we are all members of the same human race.

So let’s build together, friends.

One thought on “This Business Blog is For You

  1. Thank you for that great input. The failure start when you feed your weaknesses with doubts instead exploit your strengths and be aware of them.
    Steve Murphy


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