Door to Door Sales: What It Can Teach about Entrepreneurship

The day I really grew up.

Today was the first day I experienced failure at Power. 

It’s my second Monday knocking doors during training and I got 0 appointments while the rest of my team got 5 and 6. I had gotten so comfortable and familiar with success and cushy failure, because it had never had a real effect on my paycheck like this day did. Coming off of 3 weeks of consistent success, it felt like it hit even harder. 

I doubted.

I doubted in my ability to succeed fast and consistently by front-loading hard work. 

I doubted in the growth mindset I have developed through my re-education through reading, and allowed venomous thoughts to get to me.

It turns out, hard work needs a critically important ingredient in its recipe towards success. 


Not only that, but I also failed a client I value very much by providing a custom built digital product that underperformed my expectations. But if there’s anything I’ve learned through my re-education, it’s that there’s only one way to turn failures into true successes.

It’s to stare nakedly at your inadequacies and reflect on what lesson failure gifted you with in that moment. 

Failures can be either blessings in disguise for a growth mindset, or a torturous, embarrassing reminder of limits for a fixed mindset.

So today, I am choosing growth.

What did I learn?

  1. A product funnel does not work well on Shopify! Only a single landing page can do the trick. If you want upsells, Downsells, and cross-sells with easy custom tracking and a technical setup that doesn’t confuse buyers, you need a proper, custom-programmed Sales Funnel.
  2. Facing failure head on when you fail a client shows huge growth and commitment that fosters extraordinary loyalty from a client. It also stacks the pressure even harder on you because now… you really gotta bring the value. And I ABSOLUTELY WILL.
  3. Everybody has off-days! Sometimes life doesn’t lay the cards in your favor. But what you can never allow is a tarnished mindset that seeps into the other parts of your day and life. Life is too short to have to live it unhappy and in conflict with yourself. Be kind to yourself! Because you’re the only you that you’ve got.
  4. Your confidence MUST be leveraged on one thing only in business. It’s the faith that you can and will get better at anything through consistent and reflective hard work.

Lastly, door to door sales training is an excellent filter for whether or not someone will be a high-performer in a construction company. Because it really does take a certain kind of mindset to be able to weather the bad days that hurt your paycheck. Trust me when I say, there is NO BETTER training for entrepreneurship than door-to-door selling or sales consulting (which is what I am in training for).


Grant Cardone did it. Glenn Stearns did it. Mark Cuban did it. John Paul Dejoria did it. Howard Schultz did it. Gary Vee did it. And my dad did it, one of the most successful people I’ve been blessed to know and learn from. 

All men WAY more successful than me at this moment in my life. So I decided door-to-door sales and sales consulting were EXACTLY what I needed for my developing entrepreneurial skill set. 

But what’s so special about door to door sales and entrepreneurship?

Well actually, a LOT of things. 

  1. Door to door sales teaches you that if you’re not confident in yourself, you won’t be able to perform! You’ll freeze up, doubt yourself and just generally come off as untrustworthy to people. That’s no way to start a business, and door to door sales trains that skill SOOOOO well. 
  2. You must have an agile emotional state of mind in sales and in business, because you never know what’s going to be waiting for you behind the next door of your next decision. But you better bet your ass it’s going to make you grow.
  3. Door to door sales, like business ownership, teaches you that if you aren’t going to put in the humble hard work, you aren’t going to get very far. Yes, there are risks in a job like this, but in the same way, there are risks in any business venture. Build a bridge and get over it because the goal is on the other side.
  4. You develop an IMMENSE ability to be massively likeable by almost anyone, yet authentic to who you are. If you’re not likable in D2D sales, you won’t be likable when you try to sell your own products to other people. As a startup always reaching towards the next rung opportunity on your business growth ladder, you might get trapped floundering and hoping for more rather than reaching and growing for more.
  5. You develop an incredible comfort with having uncomfortable conversations. This is an invariably important skill as a highly successsful entrepreneur when you have to make and explain important business decisions to employees and other business stakeholders.
  6. You develop the ability to read people and slightly predict their reactions to what you say before you say it. But you also learn how unique every single person really is. There’s no one-size fits all in entrepreneurship just as there’s no one-size fits all in door to door sales pitches. Yes, there’s a framework, which is your base script and in business, it’s your base business skill set. But there’s no substitute for the connection you have to be able to create with anyone if you want to be a successful entrepreneur or door to door salesman.

Today is a great opportunity to reconnect with my purpose, which is to teach entrepreneurs what it really takes to build the life and business of your dreams, and that needs to be through the fun and the not-so-fun days. 

My goal is for my marketing startup business to be self-sustaining for me and my family by the end of this year. And I am committed to that goal. But I’ve got some lessons to learn on the way, and I am really honored to have you along for the ride.

Let’s Build Together Fam. 😎🤙

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