How to Start a Business Around Your Dreams in 2021

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Stop asking yourself what is the least You can do to achieve your goals, and start asking yourself, what is the most you can bear?

Tom Bilyeu – Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition

I love this quote from Tom Bilyeu…

And  I listen to the Spotify Playlist where he said these words on every one of my workout runs.

It’s almost like a ritual. 

Do you guys have rituals?

My work has become that ritual for me. Not an exhausting or draining one at all. But rather an invigorating one. I found it around that one passion that was so inherent to me that I thought everybody loved it as much as I did.

It turns out passion for good business is not nearly as commonplace as I thought it was. 

But I think it’s because business itself has been grossly misrepresented by many business leaders and business mentors from bygone eras. Giants of industry to be swept away by the might of a New Leader’s Wave. 

Gone are the days where business was insanely difficult and next to impossible to build. 

We live in a new age. 

It’s easier than ever to start a business in almost all fronts.

Need Money for your Business? 

It’s easier than ever to get it. Use OPM, get a credit card, get a bank loan, SBA loan, or savings… Heck, even trade your Xbox or PlayStation for cash! In this day and age, you don’t need more than $500 to start your first  business. With that, some street smarts, and enough time, you can hustle your way to a multi-million dollar business.

Lack Expertise for your Business? 

Become the expert. There’s a course for almost EVERYTHING nowadays unless it’s proprietary insider business knowledge from the big boys. But we don’t need that. We’ll figure out something even better on our own with the vast resource of information available on the internet. Then, when you can afford to, pay someone else to do it for you with the business systems you established.

Is Business Marketing too difficult?

Pound doors, go to networking groups, invest in digital marketing (I can help you if you need it), talk to your friends, your coworkers, your friends of friends, and talk about your business. You are bound to either get a potential lead, indifference, or well-meaning advice. No one’s going to steal your idea unless it’s patentable and you tell a direct competitor.

You need to share your business ideas for them to become a reality. That is how you market. Can you talk to people? Then you can market.

Can’t Come Up with New Business Ideas? 

Search “ideas for a first business” on Google, pick a favorite, and start it today before or after going to work. You can figure out the rest as you go. You can bounce ideas with some of your friends, and something is certain to come up. Or you can look for people living the lifestyle you want for yourself, and start something similar.

Can’t Find a Business Mentor?

Then find at least 10 influencers living your chosen lifestyle. Study them intensely, and try to build a relationship with them if you can. If you can’t, then reach out to someone who does have a relationship with them. You’ll get there eventually as you build your personal brand.

If I really wanted Tom Bilyeu as a mentor, I could find out in what city he lives and pound pavement until I met someone who knew him and could connect me with him. I don’t intend to do that, but I’m just saying, dare to get creative and a little bold to attract the attention you need from the people you need to meet.

Or try social media! I have friends across multiple social media channels from almost everywhere in the world now. I hope to help you all build incredible passion-led businesses too and meet you all someday.

Or one of my favorites…

But What if People Think I’m Greedy?

In this day and age, if you’re only building a business because you want to get rich, I’m sorry for you. That’s not why you should build a business. Do it for everything else outside of the money that you want to do/have/be/see but most importantly stand for.

Create the kind life in your mind that you aim to have, then work backwards from there. And don’t assume a Lamborghini is going to make you happy if that means you have to keep 3 clients you simply don’t want to work with to pay that car loan or make sure you can cover your next employee payroll! 

Rather instead… keeping your gifts and abilities from the world is selfish and greedy in my opinion.

Freedom to do what you want when you want to do it and get paid for it while sharing genuine value with the world should be the guiding principle. But as Tom Bilyeu hints at with his quote, it’s going to take everything you’ve got and more to get there.

Are you willing to put in the work?

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