The Beginning of the Story

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Just kidding! My story’s a little less dramatic than that.

But if this is your first time on my blog or listening to my podcast, welcome! It’s really my pleasure having you here.

Let me start by saying that I am truly honored and grateful that you have chosen to take my nuggets of knowledge along with you on your incredible journey of entrepreneurship. This blog and podcast is dedicated to you.

You know who you are.

My goal with this blog, and the rest of my content, is to give you an invaluable resource to help you build a business system armed for success. A system that can truly support you in the lifestyle you choose to live.

But before we continue with your regular programming and talk more business, let me tell you a little bit about me.

I was born to Colombian parents and arrived in the USA with them at the ripe old age of two! From the beginning of my life, I saw how my parents chased the American Dream. They worked 80+ hours per week on their Hungry Howie’s franchise knowing barely an inkling of English.

I was just a little boy, but I always watched very closely.

They showed me that with enough guts, determination, and a sprinkling of faith, any challenge in life can truly be overcome and success can be achieved.

In 1998, after several challenging business ventures, my parents’ truly successful business venture began. CDS Contractors Inc. which in 2020, in the year of corona, achieved the position of ranking among the top 100 Remodeling Contractors in the United States.

I was always an active part of the business. Participating in the construction itself, learning the trades, and managing the crews, I always felt that business ran in my blood. In my sophomore year of college, I had the fun project of converting my parents’ handmade cabinetry production factory into an automated shop. I ended up installing and learning how to program and operate A 5foot x 10 foot CNC Router and Edgebander.

I knew NOTHING about these machines before the project, but I’ve always been a learner. So I taught myself how to use CAD/CAM software, which is the software that turns the designs we create into language the CNC can interpret. I taught myself everything I could about how to use and maintain the machines properly.

I even taught myself enough about G-code, the language of this CNC, to be able to troubleshoot the machine code myself with no mechanical engineering degree whatsoever.

And the trick to doing that successfully honestly feels a little silly now that I think about it… I just asked myself a lot of questions and worked hard to find answers by whatever means necessary. And if an answer didn’t work out, I just did more research and tried again until something worked.

Then I created a Standard Operating Procedure for myself!

As I worked in my parent’s business, I went to the University of Central Florida’s Burnett Honors College to study business with a full-ride scholarship.

As I was learning, I was applying.

I had a great opportunity to apply concepts and methods of effective business that I learned in college and through self-education business books to my parents’ own relatively large business.

I watched as my team members, and our clients flourished as I applied what I learned. I always worked hard to provide a 5-star quality of service and leadership no matter what.

But after passing part of the general contractor’s license test, and earning my mold remediator and mold assessor state licenses, I realized that the goal of achieving doesn’t justify the means. If you don’t enjoy the process of growing, then you will never be able to find real happiness.

There’s nothing worse than living in the limbo of a lukewarm life.

We are meant to thrive in life! Not be average.

So yeah…

I was doing pretty well working for my parents, but when I realized I was just living a lukewarm life looking forward to the weekends more than the weekdays, My wife and I decided to take the leap and put ourselves in a position of do or die.

Either our business works, or it works. There’s no maybe. There’s no failure. Only lessons and course corrections.

We launched our marketing agency and have had our fair share of slip ups along the way.

But my passion for my purpose always led me to overcome adversity.

In the same way I helped my parent’s business grow, I want to help you grow your own business to manifest your vision for your life.

That is why I launched my marketing agency, and why I launched this podcast.

The Leaders’ Wave was started in the midst of the worst pandemic any living person has experienced in their lives. More than 400,000 small businesses had closed in the first three months of the pandemic. Not to mention the over 3 million lives we lost to it.

But we live in a time of unprecedented flexibility. Bad businesses with bad leaders should run scared, because a new wave is coming. So through my content and my marketing business, I aim to empower that Next Wave of entrepreneurs and leaders. The ones who will build or rebuild their businesses efficiently and on sound foundations of knowledge, mindset, and social and environmental activism.

Because we are all members of this beautiful Earth, and we are all members of the same human race.

This is only the beginning of this story, but I firmly believe the story is greater if its told together.

So let’s build great businesses as we make the world a better place together my friends.

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