The Beginning of the Story

There’s nothing worse than living in the limbo of a lukewarm life. I want to help you grow your own business to manifest your vision for your life. My goal with this blog, and the rest of my content, is to give you an invaluable resource to help you build a business system armed for success.

How to Start a Business Around Your Dreams in 2021

Want to start a business but don’t know where to start? Great. Because it’s easier than ever in today’s world. But first, stop asking yourself what is the least You can do to achieve your goals, and start asking yourself, what is the most you can bear?

Vision Board 2021: Reflection Questions for Entrepreneurs

“At the end of our lives, we all ask… Did I Live? Did I Love? Did I Matter?” – Brendon Burchard What questions should you ask yourself when you need to restore your energy to continue building your business even if it feels you have nothing left to give? What personal reflections will help youContinue reading “Vision Board 2021: Reflection Questions for Entrepreneurs”

Door to Door Sales: What It Can Teach about Entrepreneurship

The day I really grew up. Today was the first day I experienced failure at Power.  It’s my second Monday knocking doors during training and I got 0 appointments while the rest of my team got 5 and 6. I had gotten so comfortable and familiar with success and cushy failure, because it had neverContinue reading “Door to Door Sales: What It Can Teach about Entrepreneurship”

12 Quick Growth Tips For Your Small Business In 2021

Guest Article by AMIT TYAGI Every year sees new methods and inventions in the business world, and 2020-2021 is not different. It takes the best strategies, aggressiveness, and persistence to survive the storm. What makes this year a more difficult one is the Covid-19 pandemic that has ushered businesses to tight corners where only the strongestContinue reading “12 Quick Growth Tips For Your Small Business In 2021”

Leadership Qualities: The Art of Vision Building

Vision building is an art form. It’s a pivotal skill that all great leaders must possess. Without it, many leaders often turn to trying to motivate others through fear. Fear of loss, fear of repercussions, fear of what if’s, fear of humiliation. Fear is a weak and lazy method of motivation. Do it Better

Growing Up On the Losing Side of Negotiation and Tips for Leaders to Overcome It

Negotiation is inevitable and happens in almost every moment of our lives. Not only with others, but even within ourselves. While you may not have been on the winning side of the negotiations in the past, your past does not define your future. You can start to recognize what the people in your life were doing right to join them on the winning side.

The Fire Sprinkler Story. A Leader is Made.

Life and business will throw curve balls at you sometimes, and some are tougher than others. But there are certain moments when shit REALLY hits the fan. These are the moments where leaders rise from the fold. Let me tell you about my friend Dave. He started working for us a few years ago runningContinue reading “The Fire Sprinkler Story. A Leader is Made.”

The Hero Leaders. Don’t Become One.

Hero leaders are the kinds of leaders that build businesses that become headless chickens if the boss decides to take a vacation. The book From Good to Great by Jim Collins perfectly describes this kind of hero as a Level 4 Inspirational Leader. They build the kind of business where systems are not put inContinue reading “The Hero Leaders. Don’t Become One.”

How Can You Know if You Are Meant to Own a Business?

Entrepreneurship has gained an air of fancy and glory nowadays with the advent of so many successful business owners showing the lifestyles they have built for themselves on social media platforms. However, it is important to know that just like the sport of Cricket will probably not attract an American Football player, entrepreneurship may notContinue reading “How Can You Know if You Are Meant to Own a Business?”