Vision Board 2021: Reflection Questions for Entrepreneurs

“At the end of our lives, we all ask… Did I Live? Did I Love? Did I Matter?” – Brendon Burchard What questions should you ask yourself when you need to restore your energy to continue building your business even if it feels you have nothing left to give? What personal reflections will help youContinue reading “Vision Board 2021: Reflection Questions for Entrepreneurs”

Door to Door Sales: What It Can Teach about Entrepreneurship

The day I really grew up. Today was the first day I experienced failure at Power.  It’s my second Monday knocking doors during training and I got 0 appointments while the rest of my team got 5 and 6. I had gotten so comfortable and familiar with success and cushy failure, because it had neverContinue reading “Door to Door Sales: What It Can Teach about Entrepreneurship”

12 Quick Growth Tips For Your Small Business In 2021

Guest Article by AMIT TYAGI Every year sees new methods and inventions in the business world, and 2020-2021 is not different. It takes the best strategies, aggressiveness, and persistence to survive the storm. What makes this year a more difficult one is the Covid-19 pandemic that has ushered businesses to tight corners where only the strongestContinue reading “12 Quick Growth Tips For Your Small Business In 2021”

The Hero Leaders. Don’t Become One.

Hero leaders are the kinds of leaders that build businesses that become headless chickens if the boss decides to take a vacation. The book From Good to Great by Jim Collins perfectly describes this kind of hero as a Level 4 Inspirational Leader. They build the kind of business where systems are not put inContinue reading “The Hero Leaders. Don’t Become One.”

My Father’s Greatest Strength

Fam, Many of you don’t know my parents, and many of you may not get the chance to meet them. But in their lives is the secret to success in business. They are some of (if not my greatest) heroes. Sure, it’s one thing to read about the power of confidence, sheer force of willContinue reading “My Father’s Greatest Strength”

The Law of Affection Part 1

This short-form post is from an Instagram post by daniel_murphy_builds “Impact millions, and make millions!” MJ Demarco — The Millionaire Fastlane This is an incredibly simple concept, but elegant in its instant applicability to any business in existence. I had fun talking about it with my friend, musician David Posso, during our first Instagram Live chatContinue reading “The Law of Affection Part 1”